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J.C. Peeples-ACM
Recordinf is live
Sujata Banerjee
The group is small and so we can ask folks to raise their hands and I can unmute them in turn. Thoughts?
Jennifer Rexford
Marwan Fayed
Right, yes, of course.
Alex C. Snoeren
Thank YOU to all the volunteers on CARES. Handling these sorts of incidents is not easy, and can be demoralizing no matter the outcome—-please know your efforts are appreciated!
Marwan Fayed
Craig Partridge
Thank you Alex!
Jennifer Rexford
Thanks, Alex, that means a lot to me.
Alex C. Snoeren
IMHO, I think SIGCOMM suggesting/requiring reviewers to at least give license to share reviewers is parallel in many ways with open access.
Jeff Mogul
Asking reviewers to disclaim copyright seems like it’s the right thing to do, even if it does discourage a few people from volunteering to be on PCs
Jeff Mogul
I think people doing ML to de-anonymize won’t obey copyright anyway?
Marwan Fayed
In my own reviews, I state in the reviews that I am happy to have my identity revealed to authors. That forces me to write and contemplate in a certain way. So, while not public, there is some accountability. Does that work here?
George Porter
hotcrp could have a checkbox that says "don't share this review with others"?
Marwan Fayed
(The big concern I’d have is, “what if I make a mistake?” )
Jennifer Rexford
@George: good point. The question is whether we should *require* reviewers to relinquish copyright.
Carey Williamson (UCalgary)
Thanks for sharing these important issues with us so honestly. A couple questions more related to conferences than to review process: (1) are there any new issues arising with virtual conferences versus in-person conferences? (2) what is the right division of responsibility between SIG level and ACM level?
Alex C. Snoeren
IANAL but seems like there is daylight between “relinquish copyright” and granting a license for dissemination.
Jennifer Rexford
@Alex: True, good point.
Keith Winstein
I want to second others who are thanking CARES for doing this important work for the community. I wanted to suggest that the discussion of copyright specifically may be a red herring in this context -- I'm not sure it has quite the importance that is being placed on it in this conversation.
Jennifer Rexford
I agree with Keith. Let’s shift away from the copyright discussion.
Ellen Zegura
Thanks, Keith, and I agree
Jeff Mogul
Does CARES have a role in “in cooperation” events such as NSDI, and if so, do ACM policies apply in those cases?
Jennifer Rexford
Jeff’s question is good. I don’t know. Does anyone know?
Danny Chen
What can we learn from the ISCA’19 incident (and to a lesser extent, the recent HotNets incident) where the author side needs to repeatedly raise concerns to different organizations, after an “unsatisfactory” response with no clear way to appeal? I think it might be good to have a clear path of escalation and appeal rules for incidents
Keith Winstein
A decision to start publishing reviews would be a big one and an interesting one. But absent that, copyright on reviews is like copyright on emails -- it's owned by the authors and normally a private matter between the author and the forwarder. It's not the ACM's business to enforce other people's copyrights.
Alex C. Snoeren
@keith agreed. I need to sign off, but would caution CARES/the SIG from “biting off more than it can chew”. I.e., we should try to manage expectations about what the SIG can enforce/assist with. Obviously we want to support the community, but messaging where/how one can seek help is more than half the battle IMO,
Roch Guerin
For activities that are carried out under ACM auspices, my understanding is that ACM believes it is appropriate for them to have policies in place that specify a baseline. For the issue of reviews, as Ellen pointed out, we could opt out and put in place our own policy by asking reviewers to sign a release form
Jennifer Rexford
FYI, Danny is one of my PhD students.
Jeff Mogul
The SIG has long had a detailed process for ensuring representation on SIGCOMM PCs … maybe not perfect, but it seems to be working better than nothing. Can the SIG adopt something similar for CARES membership?
Marwan Fayed
Folks, I need to drop out myself. A BIG thank you to CARES; far from easy, and yet highly valued.
Ellen Zegura
Thanks, Marwan
Carey Williamson (UCalgary)
Maybe a rolling process: two people added each year, two rolling off, 3 year terms. Steady state 6 people.
Jennifer Rexford
+1 Carey
Jeff Mogul
Another thanks to CARES for opening up the discussion!
J.C. Peeples-ACM