GRADES-NDA 6/12 - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/2
Shahrzad Khayatbashi (LiU)
I dont hear anything
Shahrzad Khayatbashi (LiU)
yes I can hear now
Semih Salihoglu
Hi All, please feel free to post questions for Jing here too.
Martin Bravenboer (he/him)
For Jing - Thanks, great talk, very informative. I really enjoyed the temporal example, thanks for the reference to your recent work on that. I would love to know what your take is on the state of the art for how to handle questions with a more complex logical structure, like disjunction, negation, existential and universal quantification. In my (limited) experience, current query answering tools do poorly here as well and it is not clear to me how to make progress there with current approaches.