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The Evolution of Accessibility
Join Jenny Lay-Flurrie as she discusses why everyone should consider accessibility and how Microsoft and industry partners are committed to influencing the future of technology to ensure global independence and inclusion in society through AI and Machine Learning.

• Overview of Accessibility at Microsoft and why accessibility is a fundamental right (high level overview of the work across the team)
• How has accessibility evolved?
• Growth in accessibility roles across the industry
• Accessible and inclusive design – Innovation examples (i.e. Xbox adaptive controller, Adaptive Accessories, etc.)
• What engineers should consider when building accessible experiences
• AI and Machine Learning
• Partnering with industry to build more accessible experiences, what can we do together?


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Jenny Lay-Flurrie @Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft
Jenny Lay-Flurrie is Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft. Her team is at the forefront of creating positive experiences that apply technology to make a difference in the world and the lives of individuals, from how we hire and support people with disabilities in employment to innovative technology that aims to revolutionize what’s possible for people with disabilities. Lay-Flurrie leads many initiatives to empower people with disabilities both inside and outside of Microsoft. She founded the Disability Employee Resource Group at Microsoft, created the Disability Answer Desk, which provides specialist customer support to people with disabilities, and hosts the annual Microsoft Ability Summit, which focuses on empowering 13,000+ registered attendees with the inclusive and innovative thinking necessary to enable people around the world. Outside of Microsoft, Jenny is on the board of directors of DisabilityIN, Gallaudet University, and Team Gleason.
Eve Andersson @Senior Director, Product Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility, Google
Eve Andersson is Senior Director of Product Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility at Google. Prior to joining Google, Andersson was Senior Vice President of Academics at Neumont University. She also co-founded ArsDigita Corporation, an open-source software company that was acquired by Red Hat, and she was Visiting Professor of Computer Science at Universidad Galileo in Guatemala City. Eve has co-authored two books: Software Engineering for Internet Applications (MIT Press, 2006) and Early Adopter VoiceXML (Wrox Press, 2001). Eve holds Engineering degrees from Caltech and U.C. Berkeley and an MBA in Finance from Wharton. She is based in San Francisco; prior to this, she lived in Argentina, Guatemala, the UK, and various US cities. She is also a member of the ACM Professional Development Committee.