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Instant Memory Training for Tech Success - The ABCs and 123s for Developing a Powerful Memory
Learn from the world’s leading memory skills expert! In this very fun & interactive presentation, U.S. Memory Champion, Chester Santos – “The International Man of Memory” will help you to develop life changing skills to greatly enhance your professional development.

You will unlock your mind's hidden power to easily remember names, facts/figures, presentations, processes/procedures, famous quotes, foreign languages, commands/directories, exam/training material, and much more.

This is an entertaining, educational, and “memorable” program with wide appeal!

Learning Bullet Points:

1) Master the fundamental principles of powerful memory skills
2) Exercise your visualization ability, creativity, and imagination
3) Learn to better remember names to get more out of networking and improve professional & personal relationships
4) Better retain learned information and consolidate knowledge for enhanced professional & personal development


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