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Power On! Addressing Issues of Equity and Youth Agency in Computing Education Through a Graphic Novel for Educators and Students
The decisions made by computer scientists today—in the algorithms they design and programs they create—are profoundly changing how we communicate, work, think, learn, and determine fact from fiction. While the world is becoming more aware of the ethical complexities of technology, as well as how technology intersects with systemic inequality and racism, educators and students are rarely seated at the table to engage with these issues. This session introduces attendees to "Power On!" - a new graphic novel (Ryoo & Margolis, MIT Press, April 2022) that offers readers of all ages the insights they need to be able to engage with these issues directly. "Power On!" translates decades of educational research about the inequalities in computing education into graphic novel form, bringing to life why youth readers deserve and need the knowledge to be critical creators with technology, not merely users who are manipulated by it. In this session, we will introduce the graphic novel, current efforts to create a teacher discussion guide in collaboration with CSTA Equity Fellows, and how youth and educators can get involved to support positive social change through computer science education.


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